Photo of Uncle Lefty

Uncle Lefty’s was first envisioned by lifelong friends and business partners Daniel “Dickey” Abedon & Dan Sbrega, but Chef Jody Hunter runs the show! While it is true that Jody was initially reluctant when first asked to come on board, she instantly knew upon meeting that they all shared a common goal for creating a comfortable local spot featuring great food, drink and music. A place steeped in community.

Jody was raised to garden and preserve. This is an ethos she has carried with her personally and professionally ever since. Expert seasonal cooking, featuring local ingredients is what you will experience with every meal she prepares.

A graduate of The French Culinary Institute in New York City, Jody then went on to work in renowned NYC-based kitchens such as Blue Hill at Stone Barns, The Cleaver Company/The Green Table and Savoy which all focused on the nascent dining trend of Farm-to-Table. Later, with a move to Hastings-on-Hudson, Jody soon became one of the most respected and cherished chefs in the Rivertowns at The Mill.

In the summer of 2020, following the closure of The Mill, she created Jody’s Kitchen, a staple of the local farmer’s markets. Jody is thrilled for this opportunity to bring her passion to loyal followers of that brand and beyond through Uncle Lefty’s.

There has been a lot of labor & love put into this place and it is our hope you feel that with each experience at Uncle Lefty’s.